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How Can Advertising Help Me?

  • Happenings’ monthly schedule lets you tailor your message to every season of the year.
  • Happenings is top quality, classy and professional – just the image you want for your business.
  • Our ads won’t get zapped by a channel surfer clicking through dozens of T.V. stations.
  • Our staff makes it easy for our advertisers by writing and designing great ads for you.
  • Every issue is fresh and different, so your message stays fresh every month.
  • Our readers aren’t distracted by traffic, as they are with radio ads or billboards.
  • You need new customers. You also need to maintain top-of-the-mind awareness with your existing customers.
  • Our advertisers are respected and actively sought out by our loyal readers.
  • We understand your customers, because they’re our neighbors.
  • Other media messages “go in one ear and out the other.” Happenings Magazine’s ads stay at your customers’ fingertips for at least a month-for a lasting impression.
  • Happenings is a great value for your ad budget. Dollar for dollar, you can’t get a better bargain.
  • We’ve been serving readers and advertisers for 42 years. We’re obviously doing something right.

Client Testimonials

With its attractive presentation, clear, clean photos and easy reading, people enjoy picking up Happenings Magazine to browse through it. Thanks Happenings for representing Cooper’s so well along with the many wonderful attractions our area has to offer. Happenings is indeed one of the finest forms of advertising.

Angela & Jack Cooper, Owners
Cooper’s Restaurant

Woodloch has been advertising in Happenings for the last four years. And without a doubt… Happenings Magazine really delivers!  Our reservations tracking system is proof that people are responding to our monthly ad.

John Keisendahl, President and Owner
Woodloch Pines

We Believe in Happenings because it’s a quality print publication that people read and hold onto.  We even have customers come into our store carrying copies that are over a year old!  Carriage Barn Antiques knows that to run a successful business you need to advertise…frequently.  Quite simply, we have found Happenings Magazine to be one of the best forms of advertising inNortheast Pennsylvania.

Sam Mundrake, Owner
The Carriage Barn Antiques

As an advertiser of over 12 years, we appreciate the look and feel of Happenings. It jumps right out at you, therefore people are more likely to pick it up and see our ad. It also has a great distribution. We have abeautiful facility, and because of the quality of the paper and printing, Happenings is the best at shoing what we have to offer”

Craig & Eric Ehrhaardt
Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort

Reader Comments

Happenings’ loyal readers can’t wait to get their hands on the new issue every month! Here are a few comments from some of Happenings’ 100,000 readers!

I do and go everywhere I see in the Happenings and am ready for longer trips and overnight trips to areas with interesting activities, events and restaurants!

Catherine Hartman
Clarks Summit

I look forward to receiving Happenings’ information; there is so much to do in our area.

Thomas K. Staff

I just love Happenings Magazine.    From special events to local businesses, Northeastern Pennsylvaniabenefits tremendously.  It keeps people informed each month and is done in such an easy to read and eye-catching way.

Marianne Scrimalli

Love this magazine, I’ve been to so many events that I may have otherwise missed out on! Thanks Happenings!

Patricia Devine
Old Forge

We love your magazine.  It has opened up doors to our own backyard.

Michele Holmes

Each month we look forward to seeing “Happenings” appear at one of our favorite stores here in Honesdale.  Thank you for the varied topics that you feature each month.

Delores Parker

I love Happening Magazine. I am always on the look out for new places to see that are close to home. I really love the events calendar. It’s the first page I look at; then I add the events to my calendar so I don’t forget Thank You

Sandra Beck

Like the Happenings, it is a great way to know what is going on in the area.

Walter Slivinski
Old Forge

I’m new to the area looking to move to Wilkes-Barrearea. I like to know what’s happening in the area.

Mark Murphy

Got my first Happenings Magazine while visiting the Pocono Mts.  What a great little magazine.

Harriet Leicht

I can’t wait for the first of every month to get Happenings!!! I love it!!!

Lori Courtney Bantel

Although I’ve been a resident of Northeast PA for over 20 years, I’m still discovering new and wonderful things about the region through Happenings. We live in a great area.

Curtis Underwood

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