Building Up Our Region, One Home at a Time

Owning a home is a milestone for many and today’s homeowners aren’t only buying homes, they’re building new. DeScipio and Associates, Inc., a full-service architectural project and construction firm in Elmhurst, PA, partners with individuals, families and businesses across Northeastern, Pennsylvania. From designing new offices and custom homes, to redesigning and repurposing existing buildings, DeScipio and Associates brings building dreams to life.

Owner Joe DeScipio is a skilled facilities professional with over 30 years of experience conceiving, designing, executing and managing complex construction projects. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, DeScipio is a licensed architect and has been a member of the Architectural Heritage Association and the American Institute of Architects. Since opening the firm over 25 years ago, DeScipio has shaped his business to reflect market needs and trends, while providing high quality architectural and engineering design and outstanding cost and quality control. Regardless of the complexity of the project, DeScipio is confident he and his team will go above and beyond the client’s expectations. The firm has recently won multiple awards, including a local SAGE Award for Green Building Design, and “Best of” awards from the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal. In July 2016, national magazine, Design Cost Data (DCD) Construction Magazine, honored the firm for its work on The Lofts.

DeScipio and Associates manages projects from concept to completed build, ensuring all aspects of construction are accurate and up to code. DeScipio and his team provide feasibility studies, project budgeting and scoping, design management, construction management and even expert testimony for construction claims. During the construction management phase, the team will assist with bidding, award, design refinement, sub-contractor coordination, and job-site meetings. For those hoping to maximize building energy performance, DeScipio and Associates focus on a holistic building design to ensure enclosures, HVAC systems, day lighting and LEED goal setting are all appropriately implemented. Overall, the firm will walk a client through the entire building process, ensuring their investment is properly cared at every step.      

Currently trending in both the residential and commercial building industries, “Green Building” is a way for clients to save money on projects, maximize energy performance and reduce the environmental impact of construction. DeScipio and Associates’ “Green Design” represents this trend, while meeting client’s needs and budgets, without compromising quality. By repurposing existing buildings and minimizing energy consumption, “Green Design” buildings increase client’s return on investment through building ‘recycling.’ Examples of successful DeScipio and Associates “Green Design” projects include the Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living (NEPA-CIL) in Scranton, and The Lofts at 300 Bowman  Street in Dickson City. The new NEPA-CIL building, formally the Prestwood building, received the US Department of Environmental Protection’s Energy Star certification, which is verified by yearly utility bill data. This is one of only a few such buildings in the region. The Lofts began as an abandoned 1900s silk mill, which was stripped, refurbished, and insulated, before new mechanical and electrical systems were installed and 20 large, upscale apartments were designed. The project minimized landfill costs associated with demolition, saved a locally historic building and resulted in aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient living for lucky Dickson City residents.

Another trend in today’s architectural market focuses on aging baby boomers moving into smaller, easily navigated homes. DeScipio and Associates have worked with clients to build single-floor homes that are wheel chair accessible with customization to meet each owner’s unique needs. Whether you are hoping to build your dream home or create an accessible safe space for yourself or family members, DeScipio suggests reaching out to a professional to assist with planning and laying out your new home. DeScipio says,  “Look at building plans online or in a magazine to quickly sort out your layout and aesthetic preferences,” he suggests.“But don’t watch too much HGTV!” Visit   –Ashley Price