Three Generations of Handcrafted Quality

A passion for craftsmanship and a dedication to family set the foundation for Vince Mecca’s World of Custom Cabinetry. Vince Mecca Jr.  established the business in 1992 after working side by side with his father. Daughter, Adriana now runs Vince Mecca’s World of Custom Cabinetry in Elmhurst. “When I began working here 20 years ago, my dad wanted me to learn everything from the ground up. I love every aspect of the business and am blessed and grateful for this opportunity. It’s certainly in the Mecca Blood,” shared Adriana. A focus on family permeates every aspect of the business, from creating long lasting relationships with customers, to building a team of respected employees. “The employees here at Mecca’s are highly valued and appreciated. They are the best team,” exclaimed Adriana. 

When customers visit Vince Mecca’s World of Custom Cabinetry for a unique kitchen, bath or home space they are greeted by a highly skilled and experienced staff. Each individual’s vision is taken into account, from room size and the need for storage and function to the look and structure. “We find that customers are pleasantly surprised by our cabinetry’s cost compared to box story pricing, while achieving a far superior product,” said Adriana. Team members sit with customers and create a digital rendering of the cabinetry to ensure each customer’s vision comes to life. Cabinets are built in Mecca’s 13,000 square foot shop, providing customers with locally made cabinetry that is built to last. 

Currently, the biggest trend in cabinetry is painted wood and shaker door styles, such as bright red library built-in units or stained frame doors with eggplant-colored panels. Colorful wood and accessories are a hot trend, but Adriana notes that trends should not always be the deciding factor. “We urge potential clients to ask questions when shopping around, such as whether or not the cabinetry is made out of all wood, what options are available for finishes and what finishes are best for children or pets, as well as what styles are trendy versus those that offer timeless style,” Adriana shared. 

Ultimately, Adriana wants customers to know the best way to purchase cabinetry is to educate themselves on the product they and try not to become overwhelmed. “With our experience and expertise, our goal is to make the process as relaxed as possible for the consumer. Leave the work to us and we will make your vision come to life,” said Adriana.  Visit  –Ashley Price