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How NEPA Goes Green - Happenings Magazine — Happenings Magazine

How NEPA Goes Green

Minooka Subaru
Since 2004, Subaru plants in Japan and overseas continue to achieve “Zero-emission factory status,” where waste generated at factories during the production process is reduced to zero. Combined with energy-efficient production processes and lower water consumption, Subaru is seeking a more environmental approach to vehicle production. Recycling and the use of returnable packaging materials has been adopted on the logistical side of production logistics, such as transporting components and parts, with every stage of vehicle production tailored to present a lower burden on the environment. www.minookasubaru.com

Wilkes University
The college recently announced the addition of an undergraduate bachelor of science degree in geology. The program is designed to meet the needs for geologists, which is projected to grow 10 percent by 2024. Trained geologists are equipped with the knowledge to deal with problems facing the national and global community, including how to tap into natural resources like water, minerals and energy while still protecting the environment. www.wilkes.edu

Timberhaven Log Homes
The log home builder uses raw kiln-dried materials that are shipped directly to the facility. The material is used to engineer logs and timbers, solid logs and timbers and beam and purlin roofing members. There is always a small percentage of material that does not meet the builder’s high-quality specifications. In these instances, this material is then cut down into other usable products like log siding corners, 2x or 1x trim, window and door bucks, spindles for interior railing, etc. The material is cut down smaller and smaller until it cannot be utilized anymore. At that point, these materials are compiled for use in the shop’s wood burning furnace, the building’s only source of heat. In some instances, unusable materials are even packaged up and used as firewood for employees’ homes. The White Pine wood shavings and saw dust are collected and provided to local farmers for use as turkey and chicken bedding. The oak shavings (which are yielded during bridge timber manufacturing) are used by local farmers for cattle bedding.  www.timberhavenloghomes.com

The dialysis facility has clearly defined its environmental goals. Each year, teammates raise the bar for conservation, stewardship and sustainability measures in the nearly 3,000 sites across the nation. Water is an extremely valuable resource and one that is used extensively in the dialysis process. The Davita biomedical team is working on a multiple-phase project to optimize the amount of water used in the dialysis process. In 2015, the average dialysis center used 30 percent fewer gallons of water per treatment compared to 2010. New Davita Dialysis Centers are built to be green and feature LED lighting, energy and water efficient equipment and local materials. DaVita also reduced paper consumption in centers and offices by five percent per treatment. Various avenues, including Print to PDF, electronic signatures for contracts and e-faxing capabilities, have enabled teammates to move toward more paperless processes.  www.davita.com

B.F. Environmental
Brian Oram is a professional geologist, soil scientist and environmental consultant. He advises all residents to learn about their drinking water. About 40 to 50 percent of private wells in PA, NJ and NY have a problem that may cause illness. Water should be tested regularly to pinpoint any issues. Those who derive water from a city source should consult the Annual Confidence Report to determine the quality of their drinking water. The most common problem with community water sources is elevated levels of trace metals like lead and chlorine by-products like trihalomethanes– suspected carcinogens. www.bfenvironmetal.com                                                                                         

Buselli Plumbing and Heating Electric
The Beach Lake based contractor is a certified installer for the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program. Trained professionals  install and service solar electric and thermal systems for residential and commercial properties. Solar power provides a solution to rising energy costs and dwindling natural resources. Solar hot water systems have a variety of applications including domestic water heating, radiant floor heating, supplemental boiler heating, pool and hot tub heating. A Shekinah Solar System can eliminate electric bills and pay for itself in less than nine years. Buselli offers a complete solar service from design to installation integrating solar arrays into a home or business’ current electric system that not only meets code, but is also aesthetically pleasing. www.busellisolutions.com                                                         

Split Rock Resort
The four-season resort in Lake Harmony is an active participant in a program called Clean the World. Instead of being discarded, unused shampoo and gently used soap from guest rooms are recycled and then distributed to those in need. Clean the World collects, sterilizes, grinds soap and presses the grounds into new bars before repackaging and shipping to homeless shelters in the U.S. and developing countries throughout the world. The non-profit organization has donated over 30 million bars of soaps to date throughout North American and 100 countries. www.splitrockresort.com

The Settlers Inn and Ledges Hotel
Both properties located in Hawley are members of the Delaware Highlands Green Lodging Program. At the time of reservation, guests are asked if they would like to make a $2 donation, which goes directly to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy. The Conservancy works in partnership with landowners and communities to protect the healthy lands, clean waters and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region. www.thesettlersinn.com