How Your Home Can B-Dry in Every Season

We all know the rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers,” but for many homeowners in Northeastern Pennsylvania, those springtime showers are not always positive. From poor drainage to flooding, wet weather can lead to major headaches. 

B-Dry Systems in Springbrook Township has the solution. The B-Dry System is designed to protect homes from foundation damage due to a high water table, heavy wet soil, cracks or seams in the floor and wall seepage. Originally brought to the region in 1986, the B-Dry System Wet Basement Waterproofing Process has been used to prevent further damage in homes for over 50 years.

Over 45 licensed dealers of the B-Dry System can be found nationwide and the process has been praised and recognized by “Dateline NBC,” the National Association of Homebuilders and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The product has also been demonstrated on home building and improvement shows such as “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” “This Old House” and “Flip this House,” and featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and Builder Magazine.

According to Bob Clarke, owner of B-Dry System of Northeast PA located in Springbrook Township, homeowners in Northeastern Pennsylvania face year-round potential for damage.  “During the winter, the ground freezes, causing basement walls and foundations to expand. When temperatures rise and the ground thaws, foundations shift with the loosening soil. This can cause cracks in walls, allowing moisture and water to get into basements,” explained Clarke. Winter and spring are not the only seasons that homeowners in our region experience foundation and basement damage. Summer storms cause the water table to rise, leading to further basement leaks and flooding, while draughts cause the soil to harden and crack, allowing for pockets of moisture to form more easily deep in the ground and against foundation walls during rainfall. During the early months of fall, the damage from summertime draughts and storms tend to appear, with cracks becoming more prominent as the ground shifts.

The professionals at B-Dry System of Northeastern PA fix foundation cracks and leaking seams and waterproof the entire basement to prevent future damage and flooding.  The damage repair and wet-proofing work is supported by a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that the homeowner will not have to face the stress of foundational damage and flooding again.

According to Clarke, any cracks in the basement walls or water on the floor is a red flag that the damage will only worsen.   “New homes have to meet a certain code, so within the first year, homeowners rarely have issues. After the first year, though, some homeowners may begin to see cracks or notice wetness on the floor and that’s when they need to call us,” advised Clarke.

B-Dry System of Northeastern PA works with homeowners across the region, traveling to the northern most areas of Susquehanna County, west to Williamsport and east to the New Jersey border. Visit or call 570-848-2454.  –Ashley Price