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Ace & Buddy-Both Jack Russel Terrier mixes, but very different personalities says owner Justin Wahy of Childs. Ace enjoys tormenting Buddy, & relaxing outdoors. Buddy likes naps and playing with basketballs.
Dolci-Jeana Gatelli describes her pet as a very active little ball of energy! He loves playing fetch and trotting in the snow but is also an excellent cuddler. The make their home in Scranton.
  Mozart-This happy boy lives in Taylor with Denise Price. He loves to play in the yard and has an uncanny way of finding the peanuts the squirrels bury in the dirt. She calls this look his “monster face.”
  Sara-Quiet, sweet, easy-going–,a slipper stealer, newspaper nudger, ice cube fanatic describes this girl. Lisa Schmidt of South Abington Twp. adopted her from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Central New York.
  Gucci-Stylin’ in Dickson City with Kim Balascio.  This Shih Tzu and loves to play with her toys, and go for car rides.
Shadow, Tanya & Amber-This Husky/Terrier mix and pure bred Malamutes get along great and love to play together. While Shadow prefers lounging in front of the fireplace– the other two are true Alaskan snow dogs. They all live in Elmhurst Twp. with Robin Kramer.
Fiona-This older lady may be deaf, but she can still smell a McDonald’s french fry from across the house says Matthew Williams. They live in Spring Brook Twp.
Tug-He loves everybody, especially his best buddy Captain. He is joyful and clumsy and keeps us laughing everyday says Ron Decker, of Susquehanna.

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February’s Pet of the Month is Missy Anderson of East Stroudsburg . Congratulations!