Intro to Organic Makeup

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Organinc Makeup
Lately, it seems that every makeup artist and fashionista is espousing the virtues of organic makeup. Yet the average consumer does not know much about it. Bella Natura Salon Cosmetologist Faith Hawley answers the most common questions about organic makeup.

What makes it organic?
Organic makeup must comply with various certification standards, which include the use of organic ingredients. Traditional makeup contains water, chemical and mineral oils, chemically active ingredients and chemical additives, such as preservatives. Organic makeup generally contains 100 percent organic and natural ingredients, including water or floral water, essential and plant oils and plant emulsifiers. It does not contain preservatives, parabens or coloring agents.

Why is organic better?
Makeup and skincare have the ability to reach beyond the skin and can affect the entire body system. Traditional makeup contains chemicals, such as parabens, lead and aluminum, which are linked to cancer, infertility and birth defects. Organic makeup combines natural ingredients such as plants, flowers, oils, vitamins and trace minerals. The average consumer may view organic makeup as “expensive” compared to drugstore makeup. “However, in comparison to high-end makeup such as MAC Cosmetics, PHYT’S (the organic makeup and skincare line carried at Bella Natura in Clarks Summit) organic makeup is right around the same price point,” says Hawley.

How does one select the best makeup for her skin type?
According to Hawley, “Any choice should be made based upon what the consumer is trying to conceal, correct or enhance.” Someone with dry skin should seek a product with “moisturizing and hydrating” properties. An individual with oily skin should seek to “reduce shine and leave the skin matte.” One with normal skin looking to enhance and refresh can look for products to “tone and brighten.”

What are some makeup trends for this spring?
Spring makeup trends are about introducing pops of color. For lips, soft berry colors and a bright orange lip are popular. For the eyes, trends seen on the runway include bright blue, pastel pinks and metallic shadows.

-Suheiry Feliciano